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Sudbury Crater - April 2000
Meteorite collection at the Royal Ontario Museum 2000
Tucson 2001
Canadian Meteorite Party 2001
Brent Crater expedition 2001
Park Forest hunt & recovery 2003
Grimsby Ontario meteorite hunt October 2009
Buzzard Coulee meteorite hunt & recovery April 2009
My meteorite collection on the web.
Sudbury crater information page.
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The New ON-LINE Magazine


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I am a member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association.


NASA's web site with hundreds of great Astronomy pics.


David Weir's web site with excellent meteorite related information.


Tim Heitz's web site with a Meteorite Picture Gallery that features my aluminum labels.


Excellent magazine with information and adventures about meteorites. I also advertise my labels there.

Meteorite! Magazine


Miga offers unique display systems for your meteorite collection.

miga Research and Development, Inc.


Czech Moldavite dealer.



Classification Services by The Bathurst Observatory and the University of Western Sydney



Falling Rocks




My SIGN shop in Milton, Ontario, Canada