Fell November 20th 2008, 5:26 MST Saskatchewan, Canada

Spring hunt at the Buzzard Coulee strewn field. April 18 - 20, 2009

(Pictured below - 68g oriented shield, 100% crust)

As a last minute decision I decided to fly across three provinces and join the meteorite hunt at Buzzard Coulee, Saskatchewan.  I'm glad I did, there were many stones still waiting to be recovered.  My flight was to Edmonton International Airport in Alberta from Toronto, rented a car and drove almost 3 hours to Lloydminster.  This interesting town straddled the boarders of Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Got a room at The Good Knight Inn and drove a half hour south to the fall area near Lone Rock.  Met up with McCartney Taylor from Texas, he introduced me to a private land owner with about 650 acres right in the heart of the strewn field.  The deal was 50/50, half our finds went to the land owner in exchange for hunting rights.  Well, the first full day of hunting on April 18th was hell.  It was cold and wet with some wet snow falling in the morning and rain on and off most of the day.  But, I found 22 stones! M.T. found over 30 that long day.  The next morning he flew back to Texas and I stayed and hunted two more full days alone. My total finds was almost 60 stones in 3 days about 1.3 kilos, not bad for my second ever meteorite hunt.


These stones have survived a winter and are surprisingly fresh considering.  The following stones are for sale, and if sold outside of Canada, an export permit application will be applied for with the buyers name.  Payment in US$ to be made in full before an application will be filled out.  Please expect up to a 6 month delay period before a permit may be approved.  If a permit is not approved, the buyer will simply receive a full refund. Shipping and insurance is extra. Red scale cube is 1 cm.



39.4 gram individual with 100% fusion crust - (SOLD) application # 106946




38.2 gram individual with 60% fusion crust, 40% secondary crust - (SOLD) application # 106111




36.8 grams total, lot of 2 (18.45g 98% crust, 18.37g 94% crust) - (SOLD) application # 106111




35.5 grams total, lot of 3 (10.35g 99% crust, 9.17g 90% crust, 16.05g 95% crust) - (SOLD) application # 106944


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