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Some 93 meteorites are represented in the collection as of  March 15, 1999
On November 10, 2000 my wife Lori and I, Dean Bessey, Mike Tettenborn and his friend
Jeff visited the Royal Ontario Museum and got a grand tour of their meteorite
collection. This is the collection that is not on display and is hidden 3 floors
down in the basement.
Myself holding an excellent 1,500 gram St-Robert (H5) - Fell 1994, Quebec, Canada
1460 gram Johnstown (Diogenite) - Fell 1924, Colorado, USA
Other R.O.M. Highlights
Manitouwabing (IIIA) - 37,500g
Bruderheim (L6) - 12,677g
Giroux (PAL) - 2,190g
Springwater (PAL) - 1,850g
Dresden (Ontario) (H6) - 1,814g
Peace River (L6) - 1,690g
Shelburne (L5) - 722g
Osseo (IA) - 490g
Welland (IIIA) - 142g
Beaver Creek (H4) - 36g
Catherwood (L6) - 9.1g
Red Deer Hill (L6) - 2.85g
A big thanks to Malcolm Back (R.O.M. Mineral Department) for giving us the grand tour.
November 20 2000