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Meteorite collection by Roman Jirasek - Ontario, Canada

Alberta, Canada Fell 1952, June 10, 2305 hrs Stone (EH4) Brecciated 281g Polished part slice
Guerrero, El Quemado Colony, Mexico Fell 1976, August 11, 1100 hrs Stone (ACAP) Acapulcoite 0.06g Fragment
Lyon County, Kansas, USA Found 1881 Stony-Iron Pallasite (PAL) 4.46g Polished fragment Sold F.M.
Morocco Found 2000 Stone, Eucrite (AEUC) 0.08g Part slice
Allegan County, Michigan, USA Fell 1899, July 10, 0800 hrs Stone (H5) 1.4g Fragment Sold B.V.
Chihuahua, Mexico Fell 1969, February 8, 0105 hrs Stone (CV3) 178g Individual Sold G.F. p. slice
Harper County, Kansas, USA Found 1919 Stone (H5) 3.09g Part slice Sold B.V.
Hockley County, Texas, USA Found 1965 Stone (H4) 3.3g Polished fragment Sold B.V.
Appley Bridge
Lancashire, Wigan, England Fell 1914, October 13, 2045 hrs Stone (LL6) veined 0.418g Part slice Sold B.V.
Arroyo Aguiar
Santa Fe Province, Argentina Fell 1950, summer Stone (H5) 19.73g Part slice, crust
Ash Creek
McLennan County, Texas, USA Fell 1969, February 15, 2009, 1100 hrs Stone (L6) 3.9g Stone + 2.14g part slice
Gaines County, Texas, USA Found 1969, February 15-20 Stone (H5) 6.7g Polished part slice Sold B.V.
Haute Garonne, France Fell 1858, December 9, 0730 hrs Stone (L5) 0.86g Fragment Sold B.V.
McLennon County, Texas, USA Found 1943, Recognized 1993 Stone (CV3) Powder in Vial
Donets'ka Region, Ukraine Fell 1814, February 15, 1200 hrs Stone (L6) 10.3g Part slice Sold B.V.
West Java, Indonesia Fell 1871, December 10, 1330 hrs Stone (LL6) 1.7g Part slice Sold B.V.
New South Wales, Deniliquin, Australia Found 1845 Stone (L4) 0.23g Polished fragment
Pecos County, Texas, USA Found 1994, August 15 Stone (H5) 9.7g Part slice Sold B.V.
Leicestershire, England Fell 1965, December 24, 1620 hrs Stone (L5) contains (H) clasts 5x8 mm Fragment
Hodh Ech Chargui, Mauritania Fell 2006, October 16, 0400 hrs Stone (H5) 726g 297.6g 165.7g 137g 13.5g
Beaver Creek
West Kootenay dist., British Columbia, Canada Fell 1893, May 26, 1530 hrs Stone (H5) 5.1g Frag + 0.5g Fragment, crust
Kansas, Ness County, USA Found 1924 Stone (LL6)  "King Collection" 104.2g Part slice Sold B.V.
Southeast Morocco Found 1999, December Stone (L/LL3)? 1.87g Part slice Sold B.V.
Ben Guerir
Morocco Fell 2004, November 22, 1145 hrs Stone (LL6) 2.93g Fragment, crust
Algeria and Morocco Fell 2002, February 10 Stone (LL6) 49.77g Individual
Porten Settlement, New Brunswick, Canada Fell 1949, January 16, 2000 hrs Stone (LL6) 2.3g Fragment, crust
Burkina Faso, Africa Fell 1999, October 27 Stone,  Diogenite (ADIO) 11.44g Crusted frag. 2 shock lines
Rush County, Kansas, USA Found 1958 Stone (LL6) 3.9g Thin part slice Sold B.V.
Borga, Nyland, Finland Fell 1899, March 12, 2230 hrs Stone (L/LL4) Friable 6.9g Fragment Sold Z.K.
Bluff (a)
Fayette County, Texas, USA Found 1878, approx. Stone (L5) Brecciated 0.4g Polished part slice
Bluff (b)
Fayette County, Texas, USA Found 1917, before Stone (L4) Brecciated 35g Polished part slice Sold B.V.
Plenty River, Northern Territory, Australia Found 1937, June Iron (IIIA) Medium 164.3g Individual
Minsk, Belorussiya, USSR (Gomel, Byelarus) Found 1810 Stony-Iron Pallasite (PAL) 55.86g Part slice
Perkins County, Nebraska, USA Found 1975, August Stone (L6/7) 0.45g Part slice Sold B.V.
Kansas, Kiowa County, USA Found 1882 Stony-Iron Pallasite (PAL-AN) 6.3g Sold F.M. ; 630g Siderite slice
Broken Hill
New South Wales, Australia Found 1994, December Stone (L6) 25.2g Part slice Sold B.V.
Alberta, Canada Fell 1960, March 4, 0806 hrs Stone (L6) 9.52g Part slice, crust Sold M.P.
Saskatchewan, Canada Found 1931 Iron (IIA) Hexahedrite 20.56g Part slice
Western Australia, Hampton Tableland Found 1965, January Stone (H5) 0.4g Polished fragment
Buzzard Coulee
Saskatchewan, Canada Fell 2008, November 20, 0526 hrs Stone (H4) 67.8g Oriented shield, 100% crust + Individuals
Calcalong Creek
Western Australia, Wiluna district, Australia Found 1960 Stone (ALUN-A) Lunar 2mg Fragment Sold SdB
Camel Donga
Nullabor Plain, Western Australia Found 1984, January Stone (AEUC-M) Eucrite  5.7g Full slice
Campo del Cielo
Gran Chaco Gualamba, Chaco, Argentina Found 1576 Iron (IA) Coarse 36kg + 267lbs individuals
Canon City
Fremont County, Colorado, USA Fell 1973, October 27, 1800 hrs Stone (H6) Several small fragments Sold B.V.
Canyon Diablo
Coconino County, Arizona, USA Found 1891 Iron (IA) Coarse 493.4g Arched Indiv Sold A.G.
Canyon Diablo
Coconino County, Arizona, USA Found 1891 Iron (IA) Coarse 23.64g Shale Sold F.M.
Cape York
West Greenland, Greenland Found 1818 Iron (IIIA), Medium 8.5g Etched part slice Sold Z.K.
Capot Rey
Tenere du Tafassasset, Niger Found 2004, March Stone (H5), IMB 45g Slice Sold D.R.
Carancas   (prov.)
Peru Fell 2007, September 15 Stone (??) "Bob Haag" 1g Fragment, crust #137
Sonora, Mexico Found 1923 Iron (IID) 0.6g Etched part slice
Alabama, USA Found 1935, before Iron (IIA) Hexahedrite 7.6g Part slice Sold B.V.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Found 1965 Stone (L6) 21.4g Part slice, crust
Hunan Province, China Fell 1998, September 17, 1900 hrs Stone (L6) 3.93g Part slice, crust Sold B.V.
Haute Marne, France Fell 1815, October 3, 0800 hrs Stone (SNC) Chassignite 5mg Fragment Sold SdB
Chergach region in Mali Fell 2007, July Stone (H5) 1785g Individual, fresh crust
Colfax County, NM, USA Found 1954 Stone (L6) "King Collection" 9.6g Part end slice Sold B.V.
Tunna Tuva, Turvinskaya, Russia Found 1913 Iron (IVB-ANOM) Ataxite 1193.5g Individual
Choolkooning 001
Nullabor Plain, South Australia, Australia Found 1991 Stone (L6) Small polished fragment
Georgia, Evans County, USA Fell 1984, December 10, 2230 hrs Stone (L6) 2x4 mm Fragment
Cleo Springs
Major County, Oklahoma, USA Found early 1960's, Recognized 1994 Stone (H4) 0.6g Polished part slice
Clovis #1
Curry County, New Mexico, USA Found 1961 Stone (H3.6) 3.1g Polished part slice Sold B.V.
Cold Bokkeveld
Cape Province, South Africa Fell 1838, October 13, 0900 hrs Stone (CM2) 0.07g Fragment
Cole Creek
Sherman County, Nebraska, USA Found 1991, January 1 Stone (H5) 60.5g  Part slice
Washita County, Oklahoma Found 1975 approx. Stone (CO3) 0.25g two fragments Sold B.V.
Cumberland Falls
Whitley County, Kentucky, USA Fell 1919, April 9, 1200 hrs Stone (AUB) Aubrite 1.06g Part slice Sold SdB
Dalgety Downs
Gascoyne District, Western Australia Found 1941 Stone (L4) 7g Polished fragment
Dar al Gani 005
Hammadah al Hamra, Libya Found 1995 Stone (CO3) 0.6g Part slice
Dar al Gani 101
Hammadah al Hamra, Libya Found 1996, March 25 Stone (H6) 1.4g Part slice
Dar al Gani 183
Hammadah al Hamra, Libya Found 1996, October 16 Stone (L6) 1.6g Part slice
Dar al Gani 202
Hammadah al Hamra, Libya Found 1996, October 18 Stone (H6) Shock veins 5.2g Fragment
Dar al Gani 239
Hammadah al Hamra, Libya Found 1997, March 22 Stone (H6) 3.5g Fragment
Dar al Gani 400
Hammadah al Hamra, Libya Found 1998, March 10 Stone, Achondrite, Lunar 0.01g Fragment
Dar al Gani 476
Hammadah al Hamra, Libya Found 1998, May 1 Stone (ASHE) (Shergottite) SNC 0.65g Part slice
Dar al Gani 477
Hammadah al Hamra, Libya Found 1998 Stone (L6) 0.9g Fragment, Crust
Dar al Gani 489
Hammadah al Hamra, Libya Found 1998 Stone (ASHE) (Shergottite) SNC 2mm x 2mm Fragment
Dar al Gani 502
Hammadah al Hamra, Libya Found 1998 Stone (L6) 1.25g Part slice
Turkmenistan Fell 1998, September 5 Stone (H5) 3.57g Part slice
Davy (a)
De Witt County, Texas, USA Found 1940 Stone (L4) 0.8g Polished fragment
Dawn (a)
Randall County, Texas, USA Found 1981 Stone (H6) 3.2g Polished fragment
Logan County, Arkansas, USA Found 1972, Recognized 2001 Stone (L4) 8.6g Polished slice Sold B.V.
Norton County, Kansas, USA Found 1879, Recognized 1939 Stone (L6) 0.7g Polished part slice
Graham County, Kansas, USA Found 1950 Stone (H6) 0.4g Polished part slice
Red River County, Texas, USA Found 1926 Iron (IA) 444.4g Individual
Dhofar 020
Oman Found 2000 Stone (H4-5), S4, W3 49.7g Desert varnished
Castro County, Texas, USA Found 1942 Stone (H3.7) 410g Complete Individual
Stavropol region, Russia Found 1981, September Stony-Iron (ACUNGR) 0.2g Part slice
Ngawi District, East Java, Indonesia Fell 1884, March 19, 1630 hrs Stone (H6) 10.6g Part slice
Banzart, Tunisia Fell 1999, October 31, 1845 hrs Stone (H5-6) 5.24g Fragment
Dresden (Ontario)
Ontario, Canada Fell 1939, June 11, 2056 hrs Stone (H6) HOLD 4.1g Disk, core sample (7612-103)
Cass County, Nebraska, USA Found 1947 Stone (EL6) Enstatite 7.8g Part slice, Crust
Edmonson (a)
Hale County, Texas, USA Found 1981, February Stone (H4) 41g Part slice, Crust
Zapadocesky, Czech Republic Fell 1400 Iron (IID) 1.9g Etched part slice
El Djouf 001
Tanezrouft, Algeria Found 1989, October Stone (CR2) Brecciated 3x3 mm Fragment
Donetsk region, Ukraine Fell 1951, October 17, 1630 hrs Stone (L5) 3.89g Part slice, crust Sold B.V.
El Hammami
Mauritania, Africa Found 1997, January Stone (H5) Metal veins 180g Part slice, crust
Alsace, France Fell 1492, November 16, 1130 hrs Stone (LL6) Brecciated 0.631g Part slice Sold B.V.
Emmet County, Iowa, USA Fell 1879, May 10, 1700 hrs Stony-Iron (MES-A3/4) 98.2g part slice
Chubut, Argentina Found 195,1 (before) Stony-Iron  (PAL) Pallasite 105.5g p.s.  (5.71g Sold F.M.)
Moore County, Texas, USA Found 1965, Recognized 1966 Stone (L5) 0.7g Polished part slice
Falsey Draw
Chaves County, New Mexico, USA Found 1995 Stone (L6) 16g Part slice Sold B.V.
Washington County, Kansas, USA Fell 1890, June 25, 1300 hrs Stone (L5) 3.4g Part slice Sold B.V.
Buchanan County, Missouri, USA Found 1966, April Stone (H5) 25g Part slice
Forestburg (a)
Montague County, Texas, USA Found 1957 Stone (L4) 46.2g Polished slice Sold F.M.
Forestburg (b)
Montague County, Texas, USA Found 1957 Stone (L5) 1.65g Part slice Sold F.M.
Forrest 002
Western Australia, Nullarbor Plain, Australia Found 1980, October Stone (L6) 0.9g Polished fragment
Mohave County, Arizona, USA Found 2002, October 31 Stone (H5) 129.8g Crusted Individual
West Texas, USA Found 1930's recognized 2000 Iron (IIAB) Hexahedrite 133.5g Full slice Sold B.V.
Xinjiang Uygur, China Found 2000 Stony-Iron (PAL) 170g Part Slice M.M.
Borden County, Texas, USA Found 1948 Stone (H4) Small Polished fragment
Gaines County Park ?
Gaines County, Texas, USA Found 1977 Stone (H5) Small fragment
Barton County, Kansas, USA Found 1971, August 8 Stone (L6) 39.4g End piece Sold B.V.
Gan Gan
Chubut, Argentina Found 1984 Iron (IVA) 367.5g Etched full slice
Gourounsi, Burkina Faso Fell 1960, March 5 1700 hrs Stone (H5) 255g Individual
Gebel Kamil
East Uweinat Desert, Egypt Found 2009, February 19 Iron (ungrouped) 376g Individual
Jiddat al Harasis, Oman Found 1954 Stone (L5) Xenolithic 1038.5g Full slice
Great Nama Land, Namibia, Africa Found 1836 Iron (IVA) Fine 2282g etched end +1562g corner  +2650g Ind.
Glorieta Mountain
Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA Found 1884 Stony-Iron (PAL) Pallasite 1.3g Crusted individual
Namibia Found 1969 Stone (H4) 44.4g Part slice
Gold Basin
Mohave County, Arizona, USA Found 1995, November 24 Stone (L4) 5.97g Polished end, crust
Terry County, Texas, USA Found 1974, before Stone (L6) 23.2g Part slice, crust Sold B.V.
Great Sand Sea 007
Al Wadi al Jadid, Egypt Found 1996, December 7 Stone (H6) 22.1g Fragment Sold B.V.
Great Sand Sea 019
Sahara Desert, Egypt Found 1999 Stone (LL6) 7g Part slice
Phillips County, Kansas, USA Found 1912 Stone (L5) Small polished fragment
Mekensk, USSR Fell 1861, June 28, 19:00 hrs Stone (CV3.3) 0.1g powder  in vial
Hansford County, Texas, USA Found 1934 Stone (H4) 69.2g End piece Sold B.V.
Yobe, Nigeria Fell 1984, April 3, 18:30 hrs Stone (BEN) Bencubbin-like 2.6g Part slice
Hammadah al Hamra 222
Hammadah al Hamra, Jabal al Gharb, Libya Found 1997, September 14 Stone (L6) 46.27g Part slice, crust
Harrison Township
Greenley County, Kansas, USA Found 1945 Stone (L6) 3.3g Part slice Sold B.V.
Maricopa County, Arizona, USA Found 1963, (before) Stone (H4) 15g Part slice
Philips County, Colorado, USA Found 1975, August Stone (H/L4) 7.3g Polished part slice
Thayer County, Nebraska, USA Found 1965, summer Stone (H6) Small polished fragment
Northern Territory, Australia Found 1931 Iron (IIIA) Medium 389g         10g Sold F.M.
Grootfontein, Namibia Found 1920 Iron (IVB) Ataxite 103.4g Cut shale fragment
Saskatchewan, Canada Found 1970-76 Identified 1996 Stone (H3/H4) 10.5g Part slice
Navajo County, Arizona, USA Fell 1912, July 19, 1915 hrs Stone (L6) 2.13g Crusted individual, 5.32g frag
Iowa County, Iowa, USA Fell 1875, February 12, 2215 hrs Stone (L5) Brecciated 1g Polished part slice
Homewood, Manitoba, Canada Found 1970 Stone (L6) 22.2g Full slice, crust Sold D.H.
Oahu, Hawaii, USA Fell 1825, September 27, 1030 hrs Stone (L5) Veined 0.356g Part slice Sold B.V.
Hope Creek
Northstar Borough, Alaska Found 1998 Stone (LL6) 39.2g + 4.9g part slices
Grayson County, Texas, USA Found 1938 (recognized) Stone (H5) 1.4g Polished part slice
Northern Territory, Australia Found 1924 Stony-Iron Pallasite (PAL) 152g Polished end piece
Stevens County, Kansas, USA Found 1927 Stone (H5) Brecciated 7.39g Cut fragment Sold B.V.
Garfield County, Oklahoma, USA Found 1962 Stone (LL5) 6.2g Part slice Sold B.V.
Abo, Finland Fell 1901, October 21 Stone (E6) Enstatite 3.5g Ps (Oscar E. M.) Sold SdB
Atacama Desert, Atacama, Chile Found 1822 Stony-Iron Pallasite (PAL) 30.37g Full slice
Jackson County, Missouri, USA Fell 1917, summer  (recognized 2000) Stone (L6) 4.1g Part slice, crust Sold B.V.
Iron Creek
Alberta, Canada Found 1869 Iron (IIIAB) 1.15g Part slice, etched Sold S.A.
Bashkortostan, Russia Found 2003, October Stone (CH-BEN) 1.16g Part slice Sold SdB
Libya Found  Stone (L6) 26.1g Part slice, crust
Jilin, Yongji Co., China Fell 1976, March 8, 1500 hrs Stone (H5) 0.9g frag ; (11g + 16g) Sold F.M.
Shandong Province, China Fell 1997, February 15, 1523 hrs Stone (H5) 99.1g Indiv. + 9.6g End piece
Libonnes, Entraigues, Ardeche, France Fell 1821, June 15, 1500 hrs Stone Eucrite (AEUC-M) 0.51g Part slice Sold Z.K.
Kano State, Gwarzo district, Nigeria Fell 1971, April 25, 1630 hrs Stone (H4) Xenolithic 4.1g Part slice, crust
Kaffir (c) ?
Swisher County, Texas, USA Recognized 1980 Stone (L6) 0.95g Part slice
Tatarskaya, Muslyumovskij district Fell 1937, September 13, 1415 hrs Stone (CO3.1) 15.5g Part slice
Equatoria, Sudan Fell 1942, April 22, 1900 hrs Stone Howardite (AHOW) 0.036g Fragment
Arusha, Tanzania Fell 1963, September 11 Stone (LL6) 1.9g Fragment, crust Sold B.V.
Buccleuch County, S. Australia, Australia Fell 1930, November 25, 2253 hrs Stone (CK4) Fragments in vial Sold B.V.
Kem Kem ?
Dahara, Morocco Found 1999, August Stone (unclassified) 6.9g Fragment
Fort Bend County, Texas, USA Fell 1939, May 2, 1925 hrs Stone (L4) Brecciated 23.52g Full slice Sold B.V.
Iwate, Honshu, Japan Fell 1850, June 13, 0500 hrs Stone (H4) 8.42g Part slice Sold B.V.
Hadejia, Nigeria Fell 2002, July 21, 1930 hrs Stone (LL6) 56.2g Cut fragment, crust
Ungvar, Nagybereszna, Ukraine Fell 1866, June 9, 1700 hrs Stone (L/LL5) Brecciated 0.35g Part slice Sold B.V.
Nikolaev region, Ukraine Fell 1946, January 21 Stone (LL3.1) 0.15g Part slice Sold B.V.
Chelyabinsk Province, Russia Fell 1949, June 11, 0814 hrs Stone (L6) impact melt veins 31.6g Part slice Sold R.W.
Kunya -Urgench
Dashkhowus Velayat, Turkmenistan Fell 1998, June 20, 1725 hrs Stone (H5) 27.64g Part slice
La Criolla
Entre Rios, Concordia, Argentina Fell 1985, January 6, 1815 hrs Stone (L6) 207.4 Individual, crust
Tippecanoe County, Indiana, USA Found 1931 Stone, Nakhlite SNC (ANAK) 2 x 2mm Frag Sold SdB
Major County, Oaklahoma, USA Found 1963, Recognized 1999, Jan. Stone (L5) 24.46g endcut
Orne, France Fell 1803, April 26, 1300 hrs Stone (L6) Brecciated 0.4g Part slice Sold Z.K.
Lake Murray
Carter County, Oklahoma, USA Found 1933, Recognized 1952 Iron (IIB) Coarsest Fragment
La Lande
De Baca County, New Mexico, USA Found 1933 Stone (L5) A.M.L. Label 19.5g Polished slice Sold B.V.
Laundry West
Western Australia, Austrilia Found 1967, March Stone (L4) Small polished fragment
Dewey County, Oklahoma, USA Fell 1943, November 25, 1900 hrs Stone (L6) 71g M.M. + 5.6g Part slices, crust
Perkins County, South Dakota, USA Found 1984 Stone (H5) 1.4g Polished part slice
County Carlow, Ireland Fell 1999, November 28, 2210 hrs Stone (L6) 0.9g part slice, crust
Long Island
Phillips County, Kansas, USA Found 1891 Stone (L6) Veined 17.71g Part slice
Lowicz, Poland Fell 1935, March 12, 0052 hrs Stony-Iron (MES) Mesosiderite 2g Part slice Sold B.V.
Roosevelt County, New Mexico Found 1984 Stone (L6) 12.8g Part slice Sold B.V.
Mashonaland, Zimbabwe Fell 1934, March 7, 1245 hrs Stone (LL6) Brecciated 7.8g Part slice, crust Sold B.V.
Karelia, Viipuri, Russia Fell 1902, June 1, 2200 hrs Stony-Iron  (PAL) Pallasite 2.1g Part slice Sold B.V.
Stephens County, Oklahoma, USA Found 1936, February Stone (L5) 1g Polished part slice
Mbale, Uganda Fell 1992, August 14, 1540 hrs Stone (L5/6) 4g Part slice
McKenzie Draw (a)
Gaines County, Texas, USA Found 1989, summer Stone (H4) 4.7g Part slice
Nikolaev region, Ukraine Fell 1889, June 18, 0830 hrs Stone (CM2)  2 x 4mm Frag Sold SdB
Queensland, Australia Found 1992 Iron (IIE) Silicate Inclusions 41.9g Etched part slice
Wiluna Dist., Western Austrilia, Australia Fell 1960, October, Recovered 1970 Stone (AEUC-M) Eucrite 7.6g Endcut + 57.45g Stone
Atchison County, Missouri, USA Found 2000, October Stony-Iron  (PAL) Pallasite-ung 3.7g Part slice
Cluj District, Transylvania, Romania Fell 1882, February 3, 1600 hrs Stone (L5-6) 5.24g Part slice Sold Z.K.
Ward County, Texas, USA Fell 1998, March 22, 18:48 CST Stone (H5) Brecciated Fragment with crust Sold B.V.
Cabarrus County, North Carolina, USA Fell 1849, October 31, 1500 hrs Stone (H4) 2.93g Part slice Sold B.V.
Mont Dieu
Ardennes, France Found 1994, July Iron (IVA) Fine 9.2g Etched part slice
Antofagasta, Chili Found 1965 Iron (IAB) Coarse 1.15g Shale fragment
Southern Province, Zambia Fell 1950, October 5, 0410 hrs Stone (L6) 42.2g Part slice, crust
County Tipperary, Ireland Fell 1810, August, 1200 hrs Stone (H5) Xenolithic 0.212g Part slice Sold B.V.
Hamblen County, Tennessee, USA Found 1887 Stony-Iron (MES) Mesosiderite 3.17g Part slice Sold B.V.
Ostfold, Norway Fell 2006, July 14, 1020 hrs Stone (CO3.5/3.6) 1.2g Part slice, crust
Mount Egerton
Gascoyne River, Western Austrilia, Australia Found 1941 Stony-Iron (AUB-AN) 1.32g Fragment Sold SdB
Mount Tazerzait
Tahoua, Niger, Africa Fell 1991, August 21 Stone (L5) 81.6g Corner piece
Nullarbor Plain, Western Australia Found 1911 Iron (IIICD-AN) Medium 75.3g Individual
Victoria, Australia Fell 1969, September 28, 1058 hrs Stone (CM2) 4.34g Crusted fragment
Kentucky, Calloway County, USA Fell 1950, September 20, 0135 hrs Stone (CM2) 0.502g Part slice, crust Sold B.V.
Gourmantche, Diapage, Gourma, Burkina Faso Fell 1956, July 27, 1930 hrs Stone (H5) 4.2g Crusted Individual
Abu Hommos, Alexandria, Egypt Fell 1911, June 28, 0900 hrs Stone, Nakhlite SNC (ANAK) 1 x 1mm Frag Sold SdB
Guangxi, Yaozhai, Nantan County, China Found 1958 Iron (IIIC) Medium 87g Crystal individual
Nelson County
Nelson County, Kentucky, USA Found 1856 Iron (IIIF) Coarsest 0.65g Etched part slice Sold B.V.
New Almelo
Norton County, Kansas, USA Found 1917 Stone (L5) Brecciated 1.312g Part slice Sold B.V.
New Concord
Muskingum County, Ohio, USA Fell 1860, May 1, 1245 hrs Stone (L6) Veined 6.5g Part slice
Ningqiang County, Shanxi, China Fell 1983, June 25, 1900 hrs Stone (CK3) ungrouped 0.91g Fragment Sold B.V.
Entre Rios, Nogoya, Argentina Fell 1879, June 30, evening hrs Stone (CM2) Small fragments & dust Sold B.V.
Jewell County, Kansas, USA Found 1972, Recognized 1997 Stone (H5) 0.6g Polished part slice
Northwest Africa 047
Morocco  Found 2000 Stone (AEUC) Eucrite 3.3g Part slice Sold B.V.
Northwest Africa 060
Erfoud, Morocco  Found 2000, August Stone (CK5) 0.3g Part slice, crust
Northwest Africa 085
Found near Erfoud,  Morocco Found 2000, July Stone (H3.8) 18.3g Part slice Sold B.V.
Northwest Africa 099
Eastern Morocco Found 2000, summer (Tucson 2001) Stone (H6) 116g Half stone, crust Sold B.V.
Northwest Africa 104
Eastern Morocco Found 2000 (Cottingham ebay 2001) Stone (L6) 608g Stone, crust
Northwest Africa 381
Eastern Morocco Found 2001 (Bessey's shipment) Stone (CR2) 53.44g Two end pieces
Northwest Africa 400
Eastern Morocco Found 2000 Stone (?) 283g Individual
Northwest Africa 482
Northwestern African desert Found 2001, January 9 Stone. Lunar (ALUN-A) 0.044g Part slice
Northwest Africa 515
Eastern Morocco Found 2000 (Cottingham trip #3) Stone (L6) 686g Many fragments
Northwest Africa 516
Eastern Morocco Found 2000 (Cottingham trip #3) Stone (AWIN) Winonaite 1.3g Part slice
Northwest Africa 518
Eastern Morocco Found 2000 (Cottingham trip #3) Stone (L6) 60.8g Five end pieces
Northwest Africa 519
Eastern Morocco Found 2000 (Cottingham trip #3) Stone (L6) 151g End piece
Northwest Africa 521
Eastern Morocco Found 2000 (Cottingham trip #3) Stone (CK4) 7.1g Two part slices
Northwest Africa 562
Eastern Morocco  Found 2002 (Cottingham trip #3) Stone (LL) 145g End piece
Northwest Africa 769
Morocco  Found 2002 Stone (EUC) Eucrite 3.7g Fragment, crust
Northwest Africa 782
Eastern Morocco Found 2001 (Bessey's shipment) Stone (R4) 8.8g Four end pieces
Northwest Africa 869
Eastern Morocco Found 2001 (Bessey's shipment) Stone (L4) 1376g Individual
Northwest Africa (?)
Morocco  Found 2002  ( Bessey) Stone (EUC) Eucrite 104g Individual
Northwest Africa 968
Morocco  Found 2001 Iron (IAB) 3.2g Etched end cut
Northwest Africa 969
Morocco  Found 2001 Stone (LL7) 0.3g Part slice
Northwest Africa 989
Morocco  Found 2002 Stone (CV3) 2.12g Part slice
Northwest Africa 998
Algeria Found 2001 Stone (SNC) Nakhlite 0.09g Fragment
Northwest Africa 999
Eastern Morocco Found 2002 (David Gregory) Stone (EUC) Eucrite 5g Cut Fragment with crust!
Northwest Africa 1109
Morocco  Found 2002 Stone (EUC Eucrite) 0.84g Part slice, crust
Northwest Africa 1584
Morocco  Found 2002  summer Stone (LL5) 7.2g Part slice
Northwest Africa 1794
Morocco  Found 2002  ( Bessey)(BL9) Stone (LL5) 624g Crusted  Individual
Northwest Africa 1827
Morocco  Found 2002 Stone (DIO) Diogenite 9.4g Part slice
Northwest Africa 1879
Morocco  Found 2002 Stone (MES) Mesosiderite 6.1g Part slice
Northwest Africa 1910
Algeria / Morocco  Found 2003 Stone (EL6) Enstatite 1.51g Part slice Sold SdB
Northwest Africa 2224
Morocco  Found 2004 (Bessey) Stone (CV3) 85.8g End slice
Northwest Africa 2226
Morocco  Found 2004 (Bessey) (#11) Stone (HOW) Howardite 55.8g Part slice, crust
Northwest Africa 2667
Morocco  Found 2004 (MileHigh)  Stone (L3.4) 9.38g Part slice, crust
Northwest Africa 2889
Morocco  Found 2004 (S.R.-Meteorite) Stone (L/LL3-6) 47.47g Half individual, crusted
Northwest Africa xxxx
Morocco  Found 2003 Stone (EUC) 44g Individual, crust M.M.
Northwest Africa 3118
Morocco  Found 2003 Stone (CV3) 33.5g Slice, crust M.M.
Northwest Africa 3119
Morocco  Found 2003 Stone (LL4) 3.22g Part slice
Northwest Africa 4588
Morocco, Agadir (Mohamed Ait Ouzrou) Purchased in 2005, classified Feb/07 Stone (L5) Black chondrite vugs 1476g Main mass
Northwest Africa 4814
Sahara, Algeria Found 2006 Stone (R3-6) 8.187g Part slice
NWA's (unclassified)
Algeria / Morocco  Found 2000 - 2005 Stones (unclassified) 100+ kilos Individuals/Fragments
Norton County
Kansas, Norton County, USA Fell 1948, February 18, 1656 hrs Stone, Aubrite (AUB) 0.2g Fragment
Nuevo Mercurio
Zacatecas, Rancho Santa Cruz, Mexico Fell 1978, December 15, 1850 hrs Stone (H5) 2.3g Crusted Individual
Perm region, Russia Fell 1887, August 30, 1300 hrs Stone (H4) Brecciated 13.26g Part slice
Dawson County, Texas, USA Found 1992, spring Stone (H5) 14.7g Part slice Sold B.V.
Ector County, Texas, USA Found 1922 Iron (IA) Course 3 kilo Individual
Ontario, Canada Found 1931 Iron (IAB) Course 4.4g Etched part slice
Tarn-et-Garonne, Montauban, France Fell 1864, May 14, 2000 hrs Stone (CI1) Regolith breccia 2mm x 4mm Fragment Sold B.V.
Doubs, France Fell 1868, July 11, 1915 hrs Stone (CO3.3) Carbonaceous 0.576g Part slice Sold B.V.
Beja District, Ourique, Portugal Fell 1998, December 28, 0050 hrs Stone (H4) 18.34g Fragment, crust Sold J.A.S.
Oued el Hadjar
Morocco Fell 1986, March Stone (LL6) 4.05g Part slice
Oum Dreyga   (Amgala)
Gour Lafkah, Western Sahara Fell 2003, October 16 Stone (H3-5) 211.3g Crusted Individual
Oum Rokba
Morocco Found 2000, summer Stone (H5) 3.77g Idividual
Morocco, near Algerian border Fell 1999, April Stone (R4) Rumuruti-type 4 0.456g Part slice Sold SdB
Kimball County, Nebraska, USA Found 1984 Stone (L6) 1.4g Part slice
Crockett County, Texas, USA Found 1929, Recognized 1939 Stone (H6) 73g Part slice
Page City
Page City, Kansas, USA Found 1980 Iron (IVA) Fine 19.1g Etched part slice Sold B.V.
Pampa (a)
Antofagasta, 10km N of Pampa, Mejillone, Chile Found 1986, February 25 Stone (L6) 3.9g Fragment, crust
Pampa (c)
Atacama Desert, Chile (Antofagasta) Found 1986 Stone (L4) 0.4g Part slice
Park Forest
Cook County, Illinois, USA Fell 2003, March 26, 2350 hrs Stone (L5) 2 Lithologies 14.5g slice, 11.7g, 20.7g Individuals
Tamil Nadu, Madura District, India Fell 1857, February 28, 1200 hrs Stone, Amphoterite (LL3.6) 1.26g Part slice
Union County, New Mexico, USA Fell 1933, March 24, 0500 hrs Stone (AEUC-P) Brecciated 3mm x 4mm Fragment
Peace River
Alberta, Canada Fell 1963, March 31, 0435 hrs Stone (L6) 0.75g Polished fragment Sold L.G.
Westchester County, New York, USA Fell 1992, October 9, 1950 hrs Stone (H6) Brecciated Fragments in vial
Pena Blanca Spring
Brewster County, Texas, USA Fell 1946, August 2, afternoon Stone (AUB) Aubrite 3.33g Part slice Sold SdB
Hale County, Texas, USA Found 1917 Stone (H5) 610g End piece
Pony Creek
Runnels County, Texas, USA Found 1947, March Stone (H4)                 Sold B.V. 12.1g Part slice + 20.35g (T.C.U.)
Portales Valley
Roosevelt County, New Mexico, USA Fell 1998, June 13, 0730 hrs Stone (H6) Brecciated 7.65g Ps, 3.8g Metal rich
Cheyenne County, Nebraska, USA Found 1941 Stone (L6) Brecciated Small polished fragment
Scioto County, Ohio, USA Found 1990, Recognized 1998 Stone (H5) 6.32g Part slice
Warsaw, Poland Fell 1868, January 30, 1900 hrs Stone (H5) Brecciated 3.3g Fragment
Nordrhein-Westfalen, Borken, Germany Fell 1958, July 26, 1830 hrs Stone (L6) Brecciated 3x3 mm Fragment Sold B.V.
Kansas, Ness County, USA Found 1938, (recognized) Stone (H4)   "King Collection" 47g Polished part slice
Red Deer Hill
Saskatchewan, Prince Albert, Canada Found 1975, May Stone (L6) 182.5g cut fragment
Grant County, Oklahoma, USA Found 1986, Recognized 1995 Stone (L6) Small polished part slice
Stark County, North Dakota, USA Fell 1918, June 30, 2200 hrs Stone (H5) Veined 1.1g Fragment, crust
Morton County, Kansas, USA Found 1983 Stone (LL3.7) 3.2g Part slice
Rio Limay
Rio Negro Province, Argentina Found 1995, August 5 Stone (L5) 0.5g Polished part slice
Roosevelt Co. 089
Roosevelt County, New Mexico, USA Found 1980's Stone (H5) 0.9g Polished part slice
Round Top (b)
Fayette County, Texas USA Known since 1939 Stone (H4) 13.6g Part slice Sold B.V.
Sahara 97001
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1997, February Stone (L6) 5.11g Part slice
Sahara 97014
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1997, February Stone (H5) 4g Part slice
Sahara 97016
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1997, February Stone (H6) 1.2g Polished part slice
Sahara 97040
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1997, April Stone (L4) 0.57g Fragment
Sahara 97055
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1997, April Stone (H6) 1.35g Part slice
Sahara 97094
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1997, July Stone (LL6) 10.8g Part slice, crust
Sahara 97095
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1997, April Stone (H5) 1.2g Part slice
Sahara 97099/100
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1997, April Stone (LL6) 1.68g Part slice
Sahara 97105
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1997, April Stone (EH3) 1.03g Part slice Sold SdB
Sahara 97128
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1997, April Stone (L5) 220g Polished main mass
Sahara 97142
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1997, April Stone (LL6) 263g Polished main mass
Sahara 97176
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1997, July Stone (H5) 34.61g Part slice
Sahara 97193
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1997, July Stone (L3.9) 2.4g Part slice
Sahara 97199
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1997, July Stone (L6) 8.8g Part slice
Sahara 98044
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1998, September Stone (CV3) 0.47g Fragment
Sahara 98052
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1998, Spring Stone (L6) Brecciated 4.56g End cut, Crust
Sahara 98227
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1998 Stone (L6) 1.25g Polished part slice
Sahara 98231
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1998 Stone (L6) 1g Part slice
Sahara 98293
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1998 Stone (L6) 0.7g Part slice
Sahara 98316
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1998, October Stone (LL/L3) 1.1g Part slice
Sahara 98362
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1998, October Stone Impact melt breccia 1.08g Part slice
Sahara 98448
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1998 Stony Iron (MES) 1.7g Part slice
Sahara 98505
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1998, October Stone (AURE) Ureilite 0.62g Part slice
Sahara 99023
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1999, April Stone (H5) 3.51g Part slice
Sahara 99024
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1999, spring Stone (L6) Brecciated 16.37g Part slice
Sahara 99531
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1999 Stone (R3-5) Rumurutiite 0.61g Polished part slice
Sahara 99555
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1999 Stone (ANGRITE) 0.37g Fragment
Sahara 99600
Sahara Desert, Africa Found 1999 Stone (H?) 614g End cut, main mass?
Charente, France Fell 1966, June 27, 1540 hrs Stone (LL6) Paris Museum#2402 3.8g Part slice Sold Z.K.
Chihuahua, Mexico Found 1971, winter Stone (H4) 6.2g Fragment
Salar de Imilac
Antofagasta, Chili Found 2000, July Stone (H5) 16.98g Slice, crust
Donguz, Penza, Saratov region, Russia Fell 1918, September 6, 1500 hrs Stone (L4) 87.3g Cut fragment, crust
Sayh al Uhaymir 001
Oman Found 2000, March 16 Stone (L4/5) 410g Crusted individual
Seagraves (c)
Terry County, Texas, USA Found 1989 summer Stone (L6/7) 3.2g Part slice
Dallas County, Alabama, USA Found 1906 Stone (H4) Small polished fragment
Magadan district, Russia Found 1967, June Iron/Stony-Iron (IRUNGR/PAL) 104g etched iron slice
Magadan district, Russia Found 1967, June Iron/Stony-Iron (IRUNGR/PAL) 189g Pallasite part slice
West Bengal, India Fell 1850, November 30 Stone (ADIO) Diogenite 0.23g Fragment
Grey County, Shelburne, Ontario, Canada Fell 1904, August 13, 2000 hrs Stone (L5) Brecciated, Veined 3.4g  Fragment, crust
Gaya, Bihar, India Fell 1865, August 25, 0900 hrs Stone, (ASHE) Achondrite SNC 1mm x 1mm Fragment
Shirokovsky (?Not!)
Perm District, Russia ? Fell 1956, February 1, 3:30 pm ? Stony-Iron  (PAL) Pallasite ? 3.1g Part slice
Sierra Colorada
Rio Negro Province, Argentina Found 1995, May 7 Stone (L5) 4.1g Thin part slice
Maritime Territory, Russia Fell 1947, February 12, 1038 hrs Iron (IIB) Coarsest 755.6g Individual
Sinawan 001
Hammadah al Hamra, Jabal al Gharb, Libya Found 1991 Stone (L6) 14.5g Part slice
Sleeper Camp
Western Australia, Nyanga Plain, Australia Found 1962 Stone (L6) Small polished fragment
Prairie County, Arkansas, USA Found 1962 (about) Stone (H5) 88.2g Polished part slice  Sold B.V.
Western Sahara Found 2000, April Stone (AEUC) Polymict Eucrite 1.187g  Sold B.V.
Alksinac, Serbia Fell 1877, October 13, 1400 hrs Stone (LL4) Brecciated 0.3g Part slice Sold B.V.
Songyuan (Fuyu)
China Fell 1993, August 15 Stone (L6) 10.1g Polished part slice Sold B.V.
Lamb County, Texas, USA Found 2000, October Stone (H6) 41g Part slice, crust Sold B.V.
Saskatchewan, Canada Found 1931 Stony-Iron Pallasite (PAL) 47.2g Part slice, crust
St. Francois County
St. Francois County, Missouri, USA Found 1863 (before) Iron (IC) Coarse 2.15g Part slice
St. Michel
Mikkeli, Finland Fell 1910, July 12, 1925 hrs Stone (L6) 0.95g Part slice Sold Z.K.
Jihomoravsky, Iglau, Trest dist. Czech Republic Fell 1808, May 22, 0600 hrs Stone (AEUC-M)  "King Coll." 4.2g Part slice Sold Z.K.
Augusta County, Virginia, USA Found 1869 Iron (IIIE) Coarse 1.5g Etched part slice
Suizhou County, Hubei Province, China Fell 1986, April 15, 1852 hrs Stone (L6) 53.5g fragment, crust Sold D.X.
Jihocesky Region, Czech Republic Fell 1753, July 3, 2000 hrs Stone (H5) 0.56g Fragment
Algeria Found 2000? Iron (IIIAB) 97.6g Etched part slice
Tagish Lake
Tagish Lake, British Columbia, Canada Fell 2000, January 18, 0843 hrs Stone (C2) ungrouped 0.368g Fragment, crust Sold M.P.
Tagounite 019
Morocco Found Stone (LL3) 5g Part slice
Tagounite 071
Morocco Found 1999, April Stone (LL6) 2.5g Part slice
La Rioja, Argentina Fell 1995 Stone Eucrite (EUC) 1.03g Part slice Sold B.V.
Tambo Quemado
Ayacucho, Leoncio Prado, Peru Found 1950 Iron (IIIB) 12.09g Etched part slice
Foum Tatahouine, Tunisia Fell 1931, June 27, 0130 hrs Stone, Diogenite (ADIO) 4.95g Fragment
Texas, Bell County, USA Found 1959 Stone (L6)   "King Collection" 7.5g Polished fragment Sold B.V.
Queensland, South Gregory, Australia Fell 1879, spring, evening hrs Stone (L6) Veined 49.8g Sold D.S.  12.03g Endcut
Maseru, Lesotho Fell 2002, July 21, 3:49 pm Stone (H4) #204 L.U. 58.51g Ind, crusted Sold J.U.
Jihomoravsky, Kojetin dist, Czech Republic Fell 1878, July 15, 1345 hrs Stone (H/L3.6), Unequilibrated 0.5g Fragment
Morocco Found 2000, May Stone (CV3.5) 2.1g Part slice Sold B.V.
Lincoln County, New Mexico, USA Found 1978, Recognized 1999 Iron (IVB), Ataxite 15.3g Part polished slice Sold B.V.
West Java, Indonesia Fell 1922, July 10, 2230 hrs Stone (L5) 5.51g Part slice
De Baca County, New Mexico, USA Found 1972 Stone (H4) 0.94g Part slices Sold B.V.
Xiquipilco, Mexico State, Mexico Found 1776 Iron (IA) Coarse 1750g Etched Endcut
Travis Co. (a)
Travis County, Texas, USA Found 1889 Stone (H5) Veined 2.3g Part slice, (88.9g Sold N.B.)
Travis Co. (b)
Travis County, Texas, USA Found 1889 Stone (H4) 12.2g Part slice, crust
Brescia, Lombardy, Italy Fell 1856, November 12, 1600 hrs Stone (H3/4) Veined 0.3g Part slice
Tres Castillos
Chihuahua, Mexico Found 1992, March Iron (IIIAB) medium 97.5g Etched part slice
Volgograd district, Federated SSR, USSR Found 1968, Recognized 1979 Stone (L5) 127.1g End piece
Pima County, Arizona, USA Found 1850 (before) Iron (UNGR) Ataxite, Ni-rich 0.514g Part slice, crust
Tulia (a)
Swisher County, Texas, USA Found 1917 Stone (H3-4) Brecciated 0.9g Polished fragment
Tuxtuac, Mexico Fell 1975, October 16, 1820 hrs Stone (LL5) 26g Part slice, crust
Falcon, Venezuela Fell 1970, January 16, 1900 hrs Stone (H5) 0.9g Fragment, crust Sold B.V.
Udei Station
Benue Province, Nigeria Fell 1927, spring Iron (IA) Silicated 29.4g Part slice, crust
Uvalde County, Texas, USA Found 1915, Recognized 1938 Stone (H5) 1.3g Polished fragment
Cross River, Calabar, Nigeria Found 1903, before this year Iron (IIA) Hexahedrite 13.5g Part slice, crust Sold B.V.
Vaca Muerta
Taltal, Atacama Desert, Chile Found 1861 Stony-Iron, Mesosiderite 39g End cut
Trujillo, Vanazuela Fell 1972, October 15, evening Stone (L5) 130.8g Part slice Sold B.V.
Emilia-Romagna, Ferrara, Italy Fell 1910, January 22, 21300 hrs Stone (CV3) Brecciated 1.216g Part slice Sold SdB
Alberta, Canada Found 1962, April Stone (H6) 2.732g Part slice, crust Sold B.V.
Kirov Region, Russia Found 1992 Stone (H4) 22.3g Part slice
Rub'al Khali, Saudi Arabia Found 1863 Iron (IIIA) Medium 2.5g Polished part slice Sold B.V.
Mitchell County, Kansas, USA Found 1873 Stone (L6) 1.6g Part slice, crust Sold B.V.
Wagon Mound
Mora County, New Mexico, USA Found 1932, spring, Recognized 1999 Stone (L6) 109.9g Polished part slice
Natrona County, Wyoming, USA Found 1948 Stone (L4) 0.7g Part slice
Nullarbor Plain, South Australia, Australia Found 1972 Iron (IIE) Finest, Silicated 50.6 g Etched part slice
Morgan County, Colorado, USA Found 1934 Stone (H4) 1.4g Polished part slice Sold B.V.
Collingsworth County, Texas, USA Found 1955, Recognized 1968 Stone (H5)   "King Collection" 7.4g Polished part slice Sold B.V.
Wellman (f)
Terry County, Texas, USA Found 1999, Recognized 2004 Stone (H5) 4.9g Polished part slice
Fairfield County, Connecticut, USA Fell 1807, December 14, 0630 hrs Stone (H4) 1.67g Part slice, crust Sold J.U.
Alberta, Canada Found 2007; crater 1100 yrs old Iron (IIIAB) Medium 308.4g shrapnel individual
Maricopa County, Arizona, USA Found 1940 Stone (L6) black 10.8g Part slice Sold B.V.
Coconino County, Arizona, USA Found way back, Recognized 1928 Stone (AWIN) Winonaite 0.6g Thin part slice
Wold Cottage
Yorkshire, Wold Newton, Scarborough, England Fell 1795, December 13, 1530 hrs Stone (L6) 0.95g Part slice Sold J.S.
Wolf Creek
South of Hall's Creek, Kimberley, Western Australia, Australia Found 1947 Iron (IIIAB) Medium 900g Individual
Washtenaw County, Michigan, USA Fell 1997, September 1, 1700 hrs Stone (L5) Sold B.V. 2.9g Part slice, crust, red car paint
Wray (b)
Colorado, Yuma County, USA Found 1938 Stone (L5) Small fragment
Wuan County, Hebei, China Fell 1986, July 31, 1100 hrs Stone (H6) 42.5g Part slice, crust Sold B.V.
Big Quill Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada Found 1968 Stone (H5) 71.8g Cut block, crust
Western Australia, Kambalda dist., Australia Found 1969 Stone (EL6) 4mm x 9mm fragment Sold B.V.
Morocco  (TKW ~ 135 kg) Fell 1998, August 4 Stone (H3-6) Brecciated 950.5g + 92.9g Slices, crust
Katsina Province, Nigeria  (TKW - 18 kg) Fell 1962, October 3 Stone (Shergottite) SNC (ASHE) 0.5g Part slice
Zamosc, Poland  (TKW - 8.68 kg) Found 1998, September Stone (Enstatite) 0.15g Part slice
Algeria  (TKW - 6.7 kg) Found 1998, August Stone (H3) 3.5g Part slice Sold B.V.
Donets'k Ukraine Fell 1938, October 9 Stone (H5) 0.6g Part slice, crust
Algeria  (TKW ~ 45 kg) Found 2000, January Iron (IA) 35.6g Etched end Sold J.U.
  Blue highlight denotes multiple specimens.
20 Red highlight denotes Canadian specimens
        Locality count:
  135 Falls          267 Finds           Total 402  Sold Total = 135

Thin sections:  Abee, Allende,  Bruderheim, Gao, Millbillillie, Ghubara, SaU 001




Aouelloul Glass
Aouelloul, Mauritania 3.19g Fragment ( many more for sale
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia 1.6g Button with some Flange
Texas, USA 21.5g Round Individual - black
Darwin Glass
Mount Darwin Crater, Tasmania 8.9g Specimen - Impact Glass( many more for sale
Glass Bomb (Fladle)
Ries Crater, Germany 65g Polished end cut - Impactite
Thailand, near Cambodia border 15.46g Thin Patty - black
Guangdong Province, South China 181.8g Large Patty - black ( many more for sale
Libyan Desert Glass
Libyan Desert, Egypt / Libya 281g + 22.89g Translucent Individuals - pale yellow
Czechoslovakia 16.6g Translucent Individual 
Shatter Cone
Charlevoix Crater, Quebec, Canada 188g Specimen - Impact shockwaves in bedrock
Shatter Cone
Slate Island, Ontario, Canada 106.6g Specimen - Impact shockwaves in bedrock
Sudbury Glass 
Sudbury Crater, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada 27.4g Polished part slice - Impact glass
Sudbury Shatter Cones
Sudbury Crater, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada Several kilos ( many more for sale
Wanapitei Breccia
Near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada A few kilos ( many slices for sale
Wanapitei Shatter Cone
Near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada 2 Large Specimens
          Blue highlight denotes multiple specimens.  

Collection By:  Roman Jirasek

 Updated:  January 29, 2018



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