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Canadian Meteorite Party March 3 2001

Milton, Ontario


From left to right:  Terri (ROM), Katherine (ROM), David, Mike, Dean, & Simon.

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Mike (Tett) holding a very unusual specimen David brought, with close up. Reminds me of Portales too.

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Myself holding a beautiful 495g etched slice of Osseo and a large 1.69kg fragment of Peace River, courtesy of the Royal Ontario Museum.

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People checking the sale table. (Etched slices of Miles, Moldavites, LD glass, GV (SNC), Imilac, tons of Morocco's, Sudbury shatter cones & Impact material, as well as copies of Meteorites from A to Z) and many others, all were available for the collector.

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One of my display cabinets with Bill, myself & Jeff, and in the back Colin and his girlfriend Carrie.

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See the boxes of Morocco's? ..... Look what Dean found. I now own it!

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 And like all parties, the kitchen was where a lot of discussion took place. From left to right: Terri (ROM), Dean, Brian, Ian (ROM), David and Tett. It was a huge success, I can't wait till the next one.

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