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Libyan Desert Glass

"Impact Glass"

Libyan Desert, Egypt

This impact glass is approximately 28.5 million years old with a distribution area of ~50 x 80 km.

These specimens have holes and are priced at only $2.00/g including aluminum label.

32.4 grams


Darwin Glass

"Impact Glass"

Mount Darwin Crater - Tasmania

The Mount Darwin crater is approximately 770,000 years old and has a diameter of 1 km.

Darwin Crater lies in an inaccessible area 26 km to the south of Queenstown Tasmania. Although natural glasses have been found by indigenous people in the Mt. Darwin area for a long time, the crater itself was only discovered in 1972. A particularly luxuriant vegetation and the mountainous aspect of the area, prevented the discovery of the crater and of greater quantities of glass. First analyses were performed by Suess F.E. in 1914.

Reference: TEKTITES - Witnesses of Cosmic Catastrophes by Guy Heinen 1998


Many available, $5/gram - Label included.



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