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Sudbury & Wanapitei - Ontario Canada


For more information on the Sudbury & Wanapitei Craters click on photo.

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SUDBURY SHATTER CONES - Aluminum Label Included
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193g - $67.
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172g - $60.
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289g - $97.
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201g - $70.
SUDBURY BLACK ONAPING (fall back breccia)

320 grams - SOLD!


Many large slices available, email your request.

100g to almost 1kg


Black Onaping part slices . . .

~20 - 25g part slices - Only $15.00 each with aluminum label.






Aerial Radar Image -  Wanapitei crater is the dark lake middle right. Sudbury crater is the large depression.


The Wanapitei impactor created the Wanapitei Lake crater, approximately 36 million years ago.

The name Wanapitei is derived from the Cree language, and translates to big tooth.

Strangely enough, when viewed on a map, the lake bears a striking resemblance to a large tooth,

however, that tooth-like shape is not discernable at ground level along the lake's shoreline.

The lake itself is the subject of several past and present day myths & legends.

One such belief held to this day by many locals is that part of the deep lake is "bottomless".

The lake does feature, below its surface, a rather unusual gravitational anomaly and attracted the attention

of renowned oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, who had made plans and arrangements to conduct

"in-depth" underwater research, study and exploration of the submerged crater floor.


The specimens below were collected on my expedition to the crater on September 8-10, 2001

Specimens are known to have rounded or oval features due to ancient glacier activity.

















328 gram stone  - $82. with aluminum label.




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